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Question Answers Chapter-2 Computer Science (C++ Python) Class-XI CBSE

Short Answer Questions: (Chapter-2 Computer Science (C++ Python) Class-XI CBSE)
1.       What is Bit?
Ans: The smallest and basic unit of information in digital computer is called a bit. Bit is the abbreviation of Binary Digit.
2.       What do you mean by base/radix?
Ans: The base or radix of a number system represents the number of digits or basic symbols in that particular number system.
3.       What are the different number systems are available for in computer system?
Ans: There are four basic number systems:
i)                    Binary Number systems
ii)                  Octal Number systems
iii)                Decimal Number systems
iv)                 Hexadecimal Number systems 
4.       What is the base of binary number system and what are the digits used for binary number system?
Ans: Numbers with base 2 represent the binary numbers, which includes only two digits 0 and 1.
5.       What is the base of octal number system and what are the digits used for octal number system?
Ans: The numbers with base 8 represent the octal numbers, ranging digits from 0 to 7.
6.       What is the base of decimal number system and what are the digits used for decimal number system?
Ans: The numbers with base 10 represent the decimal numbers, ranging digits from 0 to 9.
7.       What is the base of Hexadecimal number system and what are the digits used for Hexadecimal number system?
Ans: The Hexadecimal number system has base 16 and contain 16 symbols, from 0 to 9 and A to F.
8.       How the decimal number system converts into another base of number system?
Ans: To convert from decimal to a different number base such as Octal, Binary or Hexadecimal involves repeated division by that number base, Keep dividing until the quotient is zero, Use the remainders in reverse order as the digits of the converted number.
9.       How can BaseN number system may be converted into decimal number system?
Ans: To convert from BaseN to Decimal number, Multiply each digit by increasing powers of the base value and add the terms
10.    Write down something about following:
i)                    ASCII
ii)                  EBCDIC
iii)                UNICODE
Ans: i) ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) code represents each character in a standard character set as a single byte binary code.
ii) EBCDIC was one of the first widely-used computer codes that supported upper and lowercase alphabetic characters, in addition to special characters, such as punctuation and control characters.

iii) A universal character standard was developed that supports a more character sets, called Unicode

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