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C++ JAVA C# .NET in Govindpuram Ghaziabad ( classes coaching tuition institute training )

Short Answer Questions CBSE class-XI (C++ Python)
1.       What is Microprocessor and its use?
Ans: A microprocessor is a semiconductor chip and used to processes all the information in the computer with help of memory. Microprocessor is manufactured using the Large Scale integration (LSI) or Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI), which includes Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU), Control Unit (CU) and Central Processing Unit (CPU) on a single chip.
2.       When and who has invented the computer memory?
Ans: The concept of memory was recognized by Burks, Goldstine, and Von Neumann in 1946.
3.       What is register and what is the relationship with flip-flops?
Ans: A register is a very small amount of very fast memory that is built into the CPU. The flip-flops are the smallest unit of hardware to store binary information. Several flip-flops put together to form a register.
4.       What is Bus? And what are the types?
Ans: A Bus is used to transmit the data. It carries the data from one part of computer to another.  There are three types of buses.
(i)       Data Bus,
(ii)     Address Bus and
(iii)  Control Bus.
5.       What is the role of different type of buses?
·         Data Bus used to carry the data from one location to another.
·         Address Bus used to carry the address of the location.
·         Control Bus carries the mode i.e. read or write.
6.       What do you mean by Microprocessor bit structure/
Ans: Microprocessor bit structure indicates the width of the registers. A 16-bit microprocessor can process data and memory addresses that are represented by 16 bits.
7.       What are the types of memory?
Ans: Computer Memory is basically two types:
(i)                  Primary memory and
(ii)                Secondary memory.
8.       What is Primary Memory?
Ans: Primary Memory is internal memory of the computer. RAM and ROM both form part of primary memory. The primary memory provides main working space to the computer.
9.       What do you mean by RAM and ROM?
-         RAM stands for Random Access Memory, is volatile memory, which loses their content on the failure of power supply.
-         ROM stands for Read Only Memory, is non-volatile memory, which does not lose their content on the failure of power supply.
10.    What is Secondary memory?
Ans: Secondary memory is external and permanent memory and concerned with magnetic memory. It can be stored on storage media like floppy disks, magnetic disks, magnetic tapes, etc.

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