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JAVA C#.NET institute in Govindpuram Ghaziabad

Short Answer Questions chapter-5 Computer Science (C++ Python) CBSE class-XI
1.       What do you mean by problem?
Ans: The problem is a kind of barrier to achieve something and problem solving is a process to get that barrier removed by performing some sequence of activities.
2.       What are the Open Problems?
Ans: There are some problems which have no solution and these problems are called Open Problems.
3.       What is problem specification?
Ans: The process of problem solving starts with the problem specifications and ends with a concrete solution.
4.       How is programming a problem solving technique?
Ans: Programming is a best problem solving techniques, which consists of four steps. They are;
·         Understand the problem;
·         Devise a plan;
·         Execute the plan; and
·         Evaluate
5.       Give the names of various problem solving approaches or Software Development Process Models.
Ans: The few approaches which are also referred as Software Development Process Models are:
·         Waterfall model,
·         Incremental model,
·         V-model,
·         Iterative model,
·         RAD model,
·         Agile model,
·         Spiral model and
·         Prototype model.
6.       What are the phases of any Software development life cycle model?
Ans: Every Software Development Life cycle Model has following six phases:
·         Requirement gathering and analysis - Identifying minimum number of inputs required for output
·         Design- step by step solution for the problem
·         Implementation or coding- breaking down solution into simple steps (modular approach)
·         Testing- test the program
·         Deployment- program deploying
·         Maintenance-  maintenance of program after deployment
7.       Define the algorithm?
Ans: Algorithm is a sequence of activities to be processed for getting desired output from a given input.
8.       What is Flowchart?

Ans: The flowchart is a diagram which visually presents the flow of data through processing systems.
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