Project Assistance / Project Consultancy / Project Guidance

We Provide the full assistance to the student to make / develop their own computer related projects. 

We are eligible to guide the projects related to :
  • B.Tech Computer Science Projects
  • B.Tech Information Technology Projects
  • M.Tech Computer Science Projects
  • M.Tech Information Technology Projects
  • BCA, MCA Computer Science Projects
We provide the guidance the projects related to :
  • Java Projects
  • ASP Projects
  • .NET Projects
  • C# Projects
  • VB Projects
  • C++ Projects
  • PHP Projects
  • NS2 Projects
  • MATLAB Projects
  • Web Site Projects
  • Web Application Projects
  • Windows Projects
  • Windows Software
  • NetBeans Projects

Example Project Names:

  • E-Mail & SMS Assistant Design & Implementation
  • EMail Server Using Multithreaded Sockets
  • Embedding in Video Steganography
  • Employee Profile Management System An Effective Employee Management Resource
  • Employee Training Tracking System
  • E-Music web-based design system provides online Music
  • Enterprise Mailing System validation with DNS query using MX Records
  • ER Schema Analyzer with Data Streaming
  • ERP & CRM, An Effective implementation of ERP with CRM Solutions
  • eSearch - A Search Engine Design & Implementation
  • eSearch - Web based search engine
  • ESecure Transaction Design & Implementation
  • eTutor - Online Tutorial, revolutionizing the tutoring industry
  • Exam Scheduler in
  •  Exponential-RED: A Stabilizing AQM Scheme for Low- and High-Speed TCP Protocols
  • Fast Algorithms for Mining Association Rules
  • File Transfer Protocol - FTP Implementation
  • Monitoring & Managing the Clusters using JMX IEEE
  • Financial Accounts - Integrated Financial Accounting Solutions
  • Fire wall - Customized Firewall for internet security & inter-network traffic gateway
  • Fully Distributed Proactively Secure Threshold Multi signature Scheme
  • Genetic Algorithm Based Train Simulation Using Concurrent Engineering
  • Graphical Network Browser
  • Grid Computing
  • Grid information Retrieval System
  • Heterogeneous Networks Control and Implementation
  • Hierarchical Modeling and Analysis for Grid Service Reliability
  • Homogeneous Networks & Control Implementation
  • Homogenous Network Control and Implementation
  • Honey Pots A Security System to Identify Black Hat Community in the Networks
  • Hospital Management system
  • HR Consultancy and Applicant Database Management with XML